On the Beach

Hi Truthseekers.  It’s Tax Day. Time to pay Uncle for all the national services we enjoy.  Like the never-ending terror wars.  And the domestic surveillance programs that spy on innocent Americans.   Our tax dollars are certainly not being spent (in any meaningful way) to support the social programs that used to define our nation, likeContinue Reading

Malloy: The Return

Hi Truthseekers!  Malloy returns LIVE at 9PM ET to catch up on all the news he missed last week.  Boy, sure was a humdinger!  Lots to discuss, so make sure you watch our LIVESTREAM tonight or catch the videocast replay later.  It is must-see TV! Many thanks to Ian and the crew at KTNF AMContinue Reading

Spring Break!

School is out and we are off all next week, Truthseekers! Join Mike LIVE at 9PM ET for three hours of flying monkey free fun and frivolity! Many thanks to Ian and the crew at KTNF AM 950 in Minnesota for guest hosting next week.  There will be audio podcasts, but no videocasts or streamingContinue Reading

Oil is GOOD!

Well it’s happened.  The Big Oil lobbyists have finally fully infiltrated their first public school system with their polluted propaganda.  History will remember, it started in Wyoming.  Governor Matt Mead had no problem approving legislation that effectively bans the common core science standards currently accepted in 26 states because they teach that global climate changeContinue Reading

Ignorance is Strength, Freedom is Slavery, Money is Speech

It was bad enough when the Supremes declared corporations were people in the infamous Citizens United decision.  Now they have decided that money is free speech.  In other words, money is to be given the same constitutional protection as free speech.  The Washington Post explains it this way: A split Supreme Court Wednesday struck downContinue Reading

Political Hoo-has

Same topic tonight, Truthseekers!  The Adelson auction block, with added details about how Citizens United made this kind of political prostitution possible. And Malloy:Uncensored Episode Two has posted!!!  It’s available exclusively to our Kickstarter backers and videocast subscribers.  Mike reads his hate mail, Molly’s cartwheels in the park, duck feeding, Tibetan bell ringing, and more!Continue Reading

Ten Cents a Dance

Did you follow the coverage of the Sheldon Adelson audition in Vegas?  The one where GOP Presidential hopefuls performed their tricks in hopes of winning Adelson’s BIG bag of money? It was like American Idol, but all the talented young singers had been replaced by pasty white men.  But oh, how the contestants pranced andContinue Reading


It’s Friday, Truthseekers! Time for our weekly review of all the news items that captured our attention this week.  The Hobby Lobby plea to the Supremes to legalize discrimination against fertile women; Georgia’s new “guns everywhere” legislation; Chris Christie’s $1 million inside investigation into Bridgegate; Obama’s visit with the Pope, and much much more! JoinContinue Reading

Water Under the Bridge

Chris Christie’s “investigation” into Bridgegate, which was conducted by Christie’s legal team and paid for by the citizens of New Jersey has concluded.  Surprise surprise, they found Christie completely bright and squeaky clean of any of the nasty affairs.  Well, that settles it then, doesn’t it?  No?  This is from the New York Times: TheContinue Reading

Never on a Sunday

You have to wonder what goes through the minds of the three women on the Supreme Court when hearing arguments in the Hobby Lobby case. Surely these women have faced discrimination in their lives and careers, and they have overcome stereotypical biases to advance to the high positions they currently hold.  This case must gallContinue Reading