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The Out of Towners

Hi Truthseekers!

We are off this week.

Many thanks to Ian Levitt and the good folks at KTNF AM950 in Minnesota for manning the mic!

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20 Responses to The Out of Towners

  1. What is wrong with you guys???? We have 1 normal podcast this week and one video podcast that has a repeated segment at the beginning followed by ads and music that take up more time than the actual podcast! Get your damn act together. I know you won’t post my comment because you never do but I can’t believe that you haven’t been getting other ones of a similar nature. Fix the podcasts if your subscribers mean anything to you at all!

  2. I need to be more concerned about the water crisis that is affecting my city and state:

    (JPL) A new study by NASA and University of California, Irvine, scientists finds more than 75 percent of the water loss in the drought-stricken Colorado River Basin since late 2004 came from underground resources. The extent of groundwater loss may pose a greater threat to the water supply of the western United States than previously thought.

    This is really bad news.

  3. Oh yeah, Dot, we’re all on the list to be sure, as is anyone who says “I love Edward Snowden” lol! Someone suggested we close all phone calls and mail w/that phrase…

    Person, it’s a dreadful situation, but I do have a suggestion — learn to make distilled water. Another one is to save every glass jar for rainwater (should it happen) collection if you don’t have a large collection device. Just be careful: water-filled glass can start a fire, depending on the sun’s rays and if they “aim” for combustibles.

    It’s always something, eh? SIGH.

  4. I’m with Ms Walsh who posted above. I have podcasts of Monday, Tuesday (a repeat of Monday as Mike said it would be), Wednesday (Church Night) which was mistakenly labeled as Thursday’s show, no evidence at all of a Thursday show, and then Friday’s. And then all through Friday’s show there was ear-splitting audio feedback whenever any of the callers were on. I think it sucks.

  5. The July 24 podcast is a more complete version of the July 23 videocast.

    George, are you reading this? We’re missing the podcast to the July 24 (Thursday) show.

  6. When I first heard this on Stephanie Miller this morning, I seriously thought it was Tina Fey doing one of her fantastic impersonations of Palin. I couldn’t believe it was really Palin blabbing away. Palin was totally shit faced. Don’t forget that God doesn’t drive parked cars! LOL! Palin was so fucking stupid/drunk on her ass that she said that Colorado was a border state! It’s horrifying to think that this drunken, moronic bitch was chosen to be a vice-presidential candidate! She must given John McCain one hell of a blow job for him to pick her for his running mate! Or maybe he’s really that goddamn stupid/senile.

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Nestle Makes The Very Best . . .

While Californians face one of the worst droughts in history (What global climate change?), the Neslte Corporation is doing what capitalist companies do best – exploiting natural resources for maximum profit. This time, it’s water. California citizens are facing stringent water consumption restrictions, but that’s not stopping Nestle from sucking out the aquifers for it’sContinue Reading

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Church Night!

If it’s Wednesday, it must be Church Night, Truthseekers!  And there’s no shortage of topics on the table for discussion.  In fact, AlterNet recently published a nice summary of the Christian “persecution” myth that is a frequent theme on this program as well.  Here’s a snippet: Christians may be a super majority in the U.S.Continue Reading

4 Responses to Church Night!

  1. Christians are not persecuted. They are delusional for believing
    in a deity (Molly’s favorite new word). But they feel as though
    they are because “God told them they are.” Sure.

    Then when an example of REAL persecution occurs, such as what is
    happening on our southern border where refugee children are being
    shunned and vilified by paranoid Christian Righties, it’s called
    patriotism. What’s the deal? Are those children not “Christian
    Enough?” Or, perhaps just the wrong color of Christian.

    Do they not know that their Messiah said, ” Whatever ye do to the
    least of these my brethren, ye do unto me.” We are ALL children
    of God, or so it says in the Book. Christians like thinking that
    they, even though imperfect, are forgiven. They are NOT forgiven,
    just imperfect. Religiously imperfect, practiced to perfection.

  2. More podcast trauma? Tuesday a repeat of Monday (and Mike already said that was to be the case) and no Wednesday on Thursday AM? Very annoying.

    Oh, and just to let y’all know the holier-than-thou hypocrite/adulteress in my office who answers the phone “Christ is Risen” announced to her Eastern Euro pal (nice woman, not the sharpest knife in the drawer either) that “Oh course, I have Fox News on all the time!” Why am I NOT surprised! Amazing that people this clueless are walking the face of the earth.

  3. @DanTheMan: The podcast listed for 7/24 is mislabeled; it’s really the 7/23 Church Night show.

    Curious to see how the “real” 2014_0724 podcast will be labeled.

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We are an “encore” Malloy show tonight, Truthseekers!  It;s Molly’s actual birthday and we’re celebrating with family.  We will return LIVE tomorrow night for Church Night! Thanks for all the ways you keep it lit!   —————————————————– WATCH OUR VIDEOCAST! You can now hear and see all the flying monkey-free fun and frivolity with theContinue Reading

14 Responses to Duesday

  1. ‘As promised, there’s also a “Kathy cam” so you get to see the entire two-person operation!’

    Ooh, goody! (-_-)

  2. It’s fine to have the night off for such an important event – after all, we don’t get to have too many birthdays, before they stop being something we’re really excited about. Until one reaches a good age, upon which we’re amazed and delighted to be having another!

  3. You say “It’s Molly’s actual birthday” as opposed to some other kind of birthday?

  4. @FreezeFrame: I’m guessing by “actual birthday,” she means: “In our hectic lives, we sometimes celebrate birthdays and other holidays on days other than the actual day, in order to better fit into our schedules and/or to have greater participation in the event. For this birthday of Molly’s, we’re celebrating it on the actual date of her birth. Yea!”

    But I could be wrong.

  5. You’re not wrong burningbush. It’s the tenth(I think)anniversary
    of Molly’s entry into this life. She has brought us a gift, and
    I thank her folks for sharing it with us. I still remember the
    night of December 24th, 2010, a cold and lonely night here, Molly
    and her dad reading the “Night Before Christmas” and all, for a
    brief time was good. Sugar plumbs ruled. Stay close Molly… 143!

  6. Happy Birthday Molly! Such a beautiful singing voice you have! It was great to hear you the other night!

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7 Responses to The Eastern World, it is Explodin’

  1. I never thought I’d live to see the day when I actually agreed with something that Dick “I love the smell of death in the morning” Cheney said but I think he’s right about another 9/11 happening. I believe it will happen and it will be worse than before. With all of the unguarded uranium laying around, all of the countries that hate our guts and are more than happy to sell nuclear weapons and/or information to the highest bidder (can you say North Korea, Iran), I’m terrified to think that the next attack will be a “dirty” bomb. I’m even more terrified to think that the attack will happen in more than one city. But on the other hand, any terrorist group doesn’t have to do anything to us. We’re doing a great job in destroying ourselves. All they have to do is sit back and watch us tear ourselves apart and they don’t have lift a finger. “Their world is full of Maple Streets. And we’ll go from one to the other and let them destroy themselves. One to the other….one to the other…one to the other.” Sad but so true.

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Whew!  That was a busy week, Truthseekers! Join Mike LIVE at 9PM ET for our weekly newsmaker/noisemaker round up, your phone calls, and political podcast trivia!  One lucky Truthseeker with the correct answer to this evening’s trivia question wins a FREE subscription to our premium podcast – such a deal!  Listen live at 9PM ETContinue Reading

15 Responses to Friday

  1. Netanyahu isn’t going to stop until every Palestinian man, woman and child is dead. He is the Israeli version of Dick Cheney. Twin sons of different mothers but the same evil father. It’s hard to believe that I was so supportive of Israel when I was in high school. I believed in them so much that I wore the Israeli flag on the Levi jacket that I wore to school everyday. In my eyes back then Israel could do no wrong. They were the good guys. They had the right to exist and fuck the Palestinians. Now, if I could, I would go fight for the Palestinians but I’m too poor to travel to the other side of the world and I’m too busted up (arthritis and a mangled rotator cuff) to help them. Israel reminds me of a neighborhood bully. He runs around pushing and shoving the other children. He kicks them, punches them and hurts them anyway he can. He steals from them and if they cry, he kicks them and says “This is MY neighborhood! Everything belongs to ME!” When the tormented children get together and chase him, ready to kick the shit out of him, he runs home, hides behind his older, bigger, stronger brother and sticks his tongue out at the angry mob and says “You can’t do anything to me! If you do, my brother will get ALL of you!” Someday the mob of angry, tormented children will surge forward and all hell will break loose in the neighborhood.

  2. The Green Shadow Cabinet recently published some starting points for ending Israel’s terrorism. The US should:

    1) Call on Israel to end military operations in the West Bank and Gaza. Threaten to cut off diplomatic ties if Israel doesn’t comply.
    2) Call on all groups in Palestine to respect and match the cessation of Israeli military operations.
    3) Stop using its (the US’s) UN veto to provide immunity for Israeli breaches of international war crimes.
    4) Support Palestinian membership in international institutions, including the International Criminal Court (ICC). The US also must recognize and join the ICC.
    5) End US military aid to Israel in compliance with the 1961 Foreign Assistance Act prohibiting aid to nations that have acquired or transferred nuclear materials outside of the non-proliferation treaty.
    6) Demand that Egypt open the Gaza border to humanitarian supplies and trade.
    7) Have the Office of Foreign Assets Control identify effective economic sanctions to be leveled if Israel doesn’t end its military occupation.

    The Green Shadow Cabinet says: “These are first steps, and will not achieve an end to the occupation, nor will it end all violence. However, it is vital first step for the U.S. [to] end its policy of backing the occupation, and obstructing peace efforts, and immediately stop the Israeli attack on Gaza.

  3. Growing up, I was very supportive of the country in which I
    live… That began to fade rapidly in the early 60s, ending
    on the 22nd of November, 1963. Contempt set in huge four years
    later when I was ordered to be trained to go overseas to kill
    people I did not even know. People that had done nothing to
    us, just like forty-some years later. Keep your damn flags,
    plastic Chinese-made car ribbons and political parties. But
    do wake me when the United States starts to live up to it’s
    founding principles and treats ALL people with respect and
    dignity. And if you want to proclaim your Christianity, try
    acting Christ-like.

  4. Hey guys, pay attention to the mainstream news reports on the Malaysian airliner shot down over Eastern Ukraine. What I’m hearing are matter-of-fact statements from our government, delivered by the lapdog corporate media, that they have proof positive that the Russian rebels fired the kill shot. This conclusion coming before any investigation has even been under way.
    I’m smelling a rat big time. We’ve got to watch who benefits from this incident.
    Ah, war is so profitable. And I do love the smell of napalm in the morning.

  5. Bad news folks…
    With the several big stories occupying the media lately,
    this one almost slipped past. Friday the Obama administration
    authorized exploration of offshore oil along the east coast
    all the way from Florida to Delaware. Seabed mapping to be
    done by firing sonic waves up to a hundred times louder than
    a jet engine. So much for the (remaining) sea life. Even worse,
    will be the extraction of fossil fuel, accelerating the killing
    of life by pollution and global warming. Lots of money to be made
    in our own extinction. Is it worth it? Drill Obama, Drill, you
    corporatist fraud. We’ve been dead since 1963- we just haven’t
    dropped over… yet. btw- Jesus isn’t coming back. Why should he?

  6. Denny…….You know of anybody else who still wants to defend this cocksucker as some kind of goddamned liberal? That is, aside from the typical sheeple who have carried the water for this hack for 6 years now. Bill Press, Stephanie Miller, etc. Why don’t they hold the same standard to Obama that they did Dimson Bush? They would have barbequed Bush for doing that, and he would deserve it. Their reaction to Obama would be like “Oh, well, I don’t think he should do that”, or some other weak, wimpy bullshit like that. Sometimes these people piss me off more than assholes like Limbaugh and Sean KKKlannity.

  7. Thank you mike for a single sane voice in this huge insane wilderness.
    Although, you lament the poor and defenseless Palestinian, you have to consider the following:
    a) in the USA, if you open the door of a household by mistake, the owner can shoot and kill you without any consequence. The Palestinian are paying in blood for the peaceful Islam their parents practiced when their houses were bulldozed on top of their families one by one.
    Visit this site and see the cost of air force flights which ranges from $ 2,000 to $ 80,000 per hour. Add the cost of the bombs the cost doubles. Multiply 4 hours flight by 2 times expense by 2000 air raids by $ 40,000, and the ten times expense of moving 100,000 ground forces, these poor guys inflict tens of billions of dollars into the pocket books of unsuspected Americans like you in a matter of days.

  8. I should correct the first sentence to :
    “Visit this site and see the cost of air force flights which ranges from $ 20,000 to $ 80,000 per hour.”

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Massive wildfires in Washington, illegal districts in Florida, gun deaths in Oregon outnumber car accident fatalities, another Malaysian flight down, this time via missile strike over Ukraine, Israel announces a ground invasion of Gaza, and Huckabee leads the polls of GOP presidential contenders.   Whew – doesn’t get much worse than that. Join Mike LIVEContinue Reading

8 Responses to

  1. It’s really pissing me off that Americans are screaming “Look at those fucking Russians! They shot down the Malaysian airplane! Those goddamn commies!” Even Ed Schultz is acting like our shit doesn’t stink. He hasn’t mentioned yet that the US Navy shot down an Iranian commercial airplane in 1988 killing everyone on board. I plan on sending that self-righteous, pompous bastard the link to that article. He’ll probably ignore it but I don’t give a shit.

  2. I only think this, which shows I know nothing. Nothing is as it appears. My guide to these murky times.

  3. Reserve judgement for what Person? Read this… I’ve been watching the coverage of this murderous tragedy since this morning. All I’ve heard was “Well, it wouldn’t surprise me if it was the Russians! After all they’ve done this sort of thing before!” Not one fucking time did ANYONE mention that the US Navy shot down an Iranian airliner and killed 290 people in 1988. NOT ONE TIME. Apparently this kind of shit has happened before…. John “Grampy” McCain is already screaming that if the Russians are involved “there will be hell to pay!” What do you want Johnny Boy? A full blown, all out war with Russia?! You gonna declare war on Milla Jovovich? She’s was born in Kiev. I guess in your tiny little mind that probably makes her a terrorist.

  4. Keep speaking truth to power and money. The so called journalist could learn much from you. Please, dear god, no cat in the tree stories. Maybe every time a con screams for more breaks for the fascists you should ring a cow bell.

  5. When the Iranian airliner was shot down Rush Limbaugh got on the air and claimed the Iranians emptied out their morgues to make it look like we killed civilians. Local talk show hosts in Phoenix parroted the nonsense for two days.

  6. If you have kids in (or headed to) public high school, an in-depth article by Christina Wilkie at HuffPo.

    Koch High: How The Koch Brothers Are Buying Their Way Into The Minds Of Public School Students

    “…Such public-private partnerships are a growing trend in the American education system, as corporations and interest groups come up with ever more innovative ways to market their products and ideas to students in school buildings.

    In her book Born to Buy, author Juliet Schor recounts how General Mills paid Minnesota teachers $250 each to paint cereal logos on their cars and park them next to school buses. Dole offers lesson plans to elementary school teachers that are filled with positive messages about eating fruits and vegetables — messages that also benefit the food company’s bottom line.

    The Society for Petroleum Engineers, together with Utah’s Department of Natural Resources, once sponsored an Earth Day poster contest that asked students, “Where Would We Be Without Oil, Gas & Mining?”

    “It’s the same model that … Koch’s program is doing,” said Faith Boninger, a researcher based at the University of Colorado, Boulder who writes about private companies in schools.”

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Welcome To America

            For the most part, US citizens have no idea why there is – and continues to be – an unrelenting surge of refugees at our southern border. The ignorance is so pervasive it is easily turned into the right wing political scam (and vote getting device) we are nowContinue Reading

5 Responses to Welcome To America

  1. Thanks, Mike, for being one of the few white guys speaking out on behalf of women and children, who are, in most areas of the planet, barely second class “citizens”. Every year I keep thinking, gosh, can I possibly become MORE ashamed of being an American? And every year the answer is “Yes”. To imagine what next evil deed will be done by U.S. Inc. is unfathomable, but the wicked seem to have an endless supply of malevolence. And note how closely that word resembles male violence.

    The only possible way I can accept this sort of thing is IF all these women and children were Cheney-like in a previous life. Not great consolation, eh.

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President Obama is standing firm, for once, and making good on a promise. He won’t cave on this one, no siree. The President is adamant – poor immigrant women and children will be immediately deported to the #1 murder capitol of the world. Yup, he’s proving that he, too, can be a decider. The firstContinue Reading

14 Responses to Balloons

  1. So President Not Sure once again fails to stand up for what is right. How does this creep sleep at night? Who in the hell is this guy? It’s making me ill even to see his visage, or hear his hollow speech. I’m headed outside to split some logs, just to release my fury. Is anyone else dreading the 2016 election season? Just more empty promises and lies – business as usual.

  2. Here’s wot I wrote on a hater’s page:Please think of it another way, my dear friends. Those “illegals” are genetically welded fast to the very same people whom we murdered, whom we ran off onto reservations, whose food supply (buffalo) we destroyed, down whose throats we shoved our religion, whom we made to learn OUR language, and who (many of them) fled to Mexico to escape the destruction the greedy white Europeans wreaked upon them. So who broke more laws? Our ancestors, the original white folks who came here and (may I say?) stole this land? Isn’t sneaking across a border to escape possible death in the cesspools of crime that the failed states of Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador have become, less of a crime than murder, mayhem, and the destruction of an entire nation of tribes? They lived here peacefully (kinda’), and lived in harmony with the earth, while we have polluted its waters and its air. Who’s to say who belongs where but God herself???? Gosh gang, think about it. Screw hate, huh? Don’t you have Latino friends? How do they feel if you LIKE that post? Haven’t we done enough nasty to those people? Thank you

  3. How would President Romney have handled this situation?
    Helped find family members to take them in? Deported them?
    Don’t think so. He might have, though, put them to work in
    our few remaining factories, built high fences surrounding
    them to “keep people out” and made them earn their fare back
    to wherever.

    Since they are trying to escape(and what sane person could
    blame them)from gangs, guns, poverty, unemployment and
    political craziness, why’d they come HERE?

  4. I will just skip any comment on the President. Once again, my heart is broken. I am going to say this about the protesters. People who have that degree of hatred inside of them, for poor bedraggled people who have done nothing to them, are out and out mentally ill. I know a psychiatrist, more than one, who simply states that blind hatred, and acting on that hatred, is not an innate human quality, but is clearly a hallmark of mental illness. I can only agree with this statement because I do not know how else to handle it.

  5. Would these poor, desperate, frightened people be sent back their native countries if they were white and spoke English? I seriously doubt it. How are these refugees reacting when they realize that they’re being sent back to the hell that they left? Are they freaking out? Are they screaming in terror and disbelief? Zeus should throw 100,000,000,000 lighting bolts at this fucking country. We deserve to blasted out of existence by an asteroid. The Limp Bizkit song “Break Stuff” pretty much describes how I feel right now. I’m so pissed but not surprised. “Give me your tired, your poor,
    Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
    The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
    Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me.” Those words are empty. They mean nothing. I am completely, totally and utterly disgusted.

  6. Well, I made the mistake of reading some of the comments at the LA Times link Kathy posted above. There’s nothing like an immigration story to really bring out the good old-fashioned bigotry and hatred in people.

    What I don’t completely understand is why, after having given themselves up to immigration officials at the border (IIRC from the the LA Times), those women weren’t allowed to apply for some sort of temporary right to stay here. I mean, they weren’t trying to pull a fast one — they gave themselves up to border agents. And they were obviously seeking asylum. They deserved some kind of protection, or at least to be heard.

    We ignore and mistreat people like this at our own peril (and when I say “we”, I mean those who react to this kind of situation with venom). And by peril, I mean in more of a humanistic sense. Those women and their children deserved to be treated with respect, they’re not “other.”

  7. Another proud moment as Obama charters a plane to return victims of violence to Honduras.

    Another moment of shame. I’d like to see something, this side of Shock Doctrine, that actually explains our moral debt to these people and millions more; living and dead. Anyone familiar w/the ‘School of the Americas’ at Ft. Benning, GA? The policies of the USA, for over 100 yrs., in Latin America, on behalf of Corp. America, was and is a legacy of murder, theft on a grand scale. Our governments, Democrats and Republicans, spent much effort and blood, innocent blood, to strip the people of these countries of everything from all of their natural resources to their very lives; leaving corruption and a husk of what had once been their homes. Where else can they turn? Where else should they turn? And, why are lawyers not advocating for the human rights of the dispossessed? Apparently, we are still very comfortable w/Genocide…

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13 Responses to Thank You Texas Teabag Representative Louie Gohmert

  1. Got a pretty easy answer, Kathy.
    On the seventh day He rested (went fishin’) and left the
    back door open. In walked stupid and it’s been down hill
    ever since. Faith: It’s kinda like two-inch putty… It
    fills a lot of big gaps.

  2. I hate to think that people in the rest of the world think that all americans are as stupid as Louis Gohmert. What a dumb motherfucker!

  3. Ya’ gotta admit, ole’ Goob is good for a few laughs. I mean the photo alone suffices – it’s priceless. Kinda makes me miss Don Knotts. Ah, Mayberry – ‘the end of the innocence.’

  4. Has anyone noticed the barrage of brain-dead right wing callers bothering Stephanie Miller, Tom Hartman and Jeff Santos in the past week or so? Although I’ve begged these folks to follow Mike’s example and simply don’t put these a-holes on the air there seems to be no escaping the World Net Daily/Fox News mouth breathers from calling. Of course, poor Alan Colmes cannot escape them as he’s on Fox Radio. Tom’s “conversation” with clueless christianist Bill Keller last week was some amazing radio realizing there are actually people that clueless walking among us.

  5. Astute observation, Paula. My bad- she writes most of
    the posts and she is also the one wearing the hats.

  6. Dan, I agree. I wish liberal talk show hosts would stop engaging right wing callers. Most of them are paid trolls anyway, so, total waste of airtime.

  7. On Fri July 11, 2014 program Mike mentioned a truthout .org article about Monsanto high exposure to liability for damages from Roundup glyphosate because of kidney disease epidemic. I hope the liability isn’t preempted for USA sufferers of kidney disease because of sec 735 “Monsanto protection act” of 2013 continuing resolution to avoid a government shutdown. Repeal the Monsanto protection act in future budget bills.

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