Onward Christian Boulders

Remember the Heaven’s Gate cult? The folks who donned new sneakers, then committed mass suicide so they could ride comet Hale-Bopp to follow the aliens to the Great Hereafter? Somehow, they accidentally left Pat Robertson behind. Robertson, no stranger to oddball predictions, has now declared that the End of Times might come as early asContinue Reading

Even Stevens

Retired Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens is now 94 and has recently published a book suggesting six amendments to the US Constitution.  The book, Six Amendments: How and Why We Should Change the Constitution, details what Stevens considers the most egregious legal/political issues that have been ignored, or wrongly-decided in his opinion.  USA TodayContinue Reading

Not About Bunny Rabbits

Several springy young tots were treated to more than candy in one Virginia neighborhood when their youngsters discovered messages from a White Supremacist group tucked inside their plastic eggs.  No yolk.  Raw Story has the details: West End parents Brandon and Jackie Smith told WRIC that they discovered the offensive eggs while having an EasterContinue Reading

Good Friday

Join us LIVE at 9PM ET for a weekly-wrap-up of all things flying monkey right.  And for some “new” news, Mike will discuss the Obama administration’s ongoing postponement of a decision on the Keystone XL Pipeline.  Is this typical Washington gridlock or a just beating the Neocons at their own stalling game until the midterms?Continue Reading


Robert Parry has been covering the Ukraine coup – in depth – for several months.  Now that the crisis is escalating he has a new article posted at www.consortiumnews.com that demands your attention. In summary, the US media continues to peddle anti-Russian propaganda pieces while largely ignoring the fact that a Neo-Nazi organization has takenContinue Reading

Suffer the Little Children

It’s Church Night, Truthseekers!  Time for our weekly Wednesday night gathering around the sacred bonfire.  Tonight’s sermon is focused on the littlest members of our great and Godly society – our children.  Mike will explore how the anti-vaccine movement  – with a healthy heap of heavenly help from the Rapture Right  – has successfully restoredContinue Reading

On the Beach

Hi Truthseekers.  It’s Tax Day. Time to pay Uncle for all the national services we enjoy.  Like the never-ending terror wars.  And the domestic surveillance programs that spy on innocent Americans.   Our tax dollars are certainly not being spent (in any meaningful way) to support the social programs that used to define our nation, likeContinue Reading

Malloy: The Return

Hi Truthseekers!  Malloy returns LIVE at 9PM ET to catch up on all the news he missed last week.  Boy, sure was a humdinger!  Lots to discuss, so make sure you watch our LIVESTREAM tonight or catch the videocast replay later.  It is must-see TV! Many thanks to Ian and the crew at KTNF AMContinue Reading

Spring Break!

School is out and we are off all next week, Truthseekers! Join Mike LIVE at 9PM ET for three hours of flying monkey free fun and frivolity! Many thanks to Ian and the crew at KTNF AM 950 in Minnesota for guest hosting next week.  There will be audio podcasts, but no videocasts or streamingContinue Reading

Oil is GOOD!

Well it’s happened.  The Big Oil lobbyists have finally fully infiltrated their first public school system with their polluted propaganda.  History will remember, it started in Wyoming.  Governor Matt Mead had no problem approving legislation that effectively bans the common core science standards currently accepted in 26 states because they teach that global climate changeContinue Reading