What a long, strange week it’s been, Truthseekers.  Weirdly educational.  I have learned many things I didn’t know I didn’t know (to quote Rumsfeld).

For example, the police now have killer robots.  Plastic explosives, even.  Like Robocop without the charisma.  And does anybody else wonder what other little goodies they have tucked away for a rainy day?  Do they have, perhaps, white phosphorous?  Depleted uranium bullets?  A bat-cave?

I also didn’t know that the majority of Americans (57%) believe Hillary Clinton is guilty and should’ve been prosecuted.  Wow.  Talk about crappy choices come November.  The orange criminal or the one that CAN’T STOP SHOUTING AT US.

So that brings me to fun fact #3 – Hillary doesn’t have an inside voice. If she’s elected be prepared to be screamed at for 4 (or – egad – 8) years.

Brexit may suck for the UK but it’s great for interest rates.  Take it from this Realtor, you may never see a 3.25% mortgage rate again – go invest while you can.

Rudy Giuliani – once mayor of the biggest and brightest multi-cultural city in the world, is a clueless asshole when it comes to racial issues.

And even in his 70’s Bernie Sanders today proved he is still a heartbreaker.  Especially to his supporters and delegates.

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