The noose is tightening around tiny mad Donnie’s neck.  So, like any good Neocon, he went running to a preacher for comfort and solace.  Not an everyday servant of God, only the best will do when you’re a delusional egomaniac.  

Enter Pat “blood diamond” Robertson the rescue!

L’il Donnie’s first interview after the G 20 wasn’t granted to a major network anchor, or even Sean “baby Jesus” Hannity.  The right reverend Pat was the chosen one yet again, and from the released clips he served every anointed softball he could muster.  Asking about the G20 Trump said “it was very good, we had 20 countries…..”

Just kill me.  He’s dumber than a sack of rocks.

It’s been like Holy Week for the Don, Monday he met with evangelical leaders who formed a protective prayer circle and laid hands on him.  Yesterday Matt Drudge called for a moment of silence to strengthen the president in the wake of Don Junior’s Russian controversy.  I doubt all the good soldiers in the Army of the Lord could save Trump from the tangle of lies his family and minions have woven to cover up their complicity in that growing scandal.

Perhaps the Don found some spiritual peace this week.  He will need every fortification and holy invocation he can gather for his trip to France, where he will meet with an unhappy President Emmanuel Macaron who is not pleased with Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris climate accords, among oher things.  

Can’t wait for the handshake.