Almost another week in the hole, Truthseekers.  So much has happened in 2018, and it’s only 11 days old.

We have a fresh show tonight, then are traveling out of town for a Molly performance.  Will be back LIVE on MLK Monday.

Tonight we will discuss the Trumpian descent, including his latest assessment of immigrants from “shithole” countries and the future of DACA.  Such a classy guy.  Then there was his two-hour Twitter flip-flop on FISA, based solely on his viewing of Fox News.  Earlier this week we were treated to reports about the President’s schedule, which includes lost of “executive time.”  That is Newspeak for sitting in the WH dining room eating cheeseburgers and watching Fox.  Your taxpayer dollars at work!

We are not live tomorrow, so here is a quick recap of what we learned this week:

Steve Bannon’s megalomania is rivaled only by his former boss. He’s now looking for work, having been kicked out of Breitbart by the Mercer family.  

Sen. Charles Grassley lied about the testimony given by Fusion GPS director Glenn Simpson.  Not only was Simpson a cooperative (not hostile) witness, but he and investigator Christopher Steele followed an appropriate and honorable protocol of alerting the FBI when they discovered candidate Trump might be subject to blackmail by Russia.

The Steele dossier appears real.  Incontinent hookers and all.  Thanks Sen. Feinstein!

Trump thinks his Cabinet room is a TV soundstage where he gives “performances” and waits for “reviews.”  Ever the reality TV star.

Everything in the tell-all Fire and Fury book.  Sheesh – that’s enough for a year’s discussion.

You can’t trust White House transcripts.  Fake news. 

Trump has no idea what immigration policy his party supports, or which side of DACA he should be on.  But he wants that wall……

Trump is a stable genius.  Like, a really smart guy. 

The climate change natural disasters we have suffered in California and across America will continue to plague our nation – and the world – because lawmakers in DC just don’t care.  It’s mostly the “left” coast anyway, right?

See you Monday, keep it lit!