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Have you met anyone who personally knows a handful of rapists, child sex-traffickers, wife-beaters, racketeers, tax evaders, pimps, and crooked lawyers?  Epstein, Robert Kraft, Rob Porter, Elliot Broidy, Cindy Yang, Michael Cohen, Manafort, Gates, Duncan Hunter, etc?  This is a short list.  Seems a bit odd that Donald Trump knows so many personally. Stranger still that White Evangelical Christians embrace him nonetheless.  Or not, since they prove their hypocrisy daily.

Let’s not forget that Tinyhands himself has been accused of rape by girls as young as 13, and of sexually assaulting or harassing at least two-dozen others.  It comes as no surprise when his ol’ buddies start getting popped for raping children.  You have to wonder how Fox “News” would treat all these cases if they had been leveled against Obama.  The mind boggles.

Gotta wonder why Epstein kept tapes with (according to the labels) naked young girls in a locked safe?  Who keeps child porn in a safe?  Maybe there are compromising photos/videos of other well-known individuals on there he kept for some kind of blackmail protection – hard to guess the mind of a child sexual predator.  Seems there might be more to his sweetheart deal from Acosta than just the fact that he was really really rich.  Trump’s Labor Secretary is facing resignation demands for not fully prosecuting the child rapist back in 2006, allowing him to keep raping kids at his leisure.  Of course Trump has nothing but love for Acosta, who he said he “felt very sorry for” due to the heat he’s been taking.

Uh – quick question – do you feel any sadness for the actual victims, Donnie?  The middle-school-age girls who Acosta called “prostitutes” in his sham indictment?

The pussy-grabber also distanced himself from Epstein, telling reporters he had a falling-out with his long-time friend years ago.  Doesn’t mean there aren’t videos of Trump in a safe somewhere, waiting to be uncovered.  In a (possibly) non-related story, the Trump Golf Club in Miami – Epstein’s playground –  is hosting an event with strippers as “caddy girls,” with a VIP after-party and auction (of what?) where the strippers will supply entertainment.  Not making this up.

I won’t even bother with the “Gee, what if Obama…..” meme

Just par for the course.