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This is proof Trump is a psychopath.  He is grinning and giving a “thumbs up” sign while Melania holds a baby orphaned by the killer Trump inspired in El Paso.

The two month old’s parents, Jordan and Andre Anchondo died protecting him during the El Paso shooting. An uncle brought the infant back to the hospital so the Trumps could use the tiny orphan as a human prop.

“Hello everyone – big thumbs up! Lookie at this widdle brown cutie pie – parents were murdered by one of my own!  Such a great day to be Trump.  Let’s go make some campaign propaganda films while we are here, where all those people bled to death from multiple gunshot wounds.”

Sick, Sick, Sick.  Forget impeachment – he needs to be institutionalized.  And Melania.  Be Best, honey. I know you really don’t care, do you?

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While Trump was paying unwanted visits to Dayton and El  Paso hospitals, ICE agents tore 600+ families apart with a raid on a Koch chicken processing plant in Mississippi.  Funny, they never raid the Trump properties where illegals have worked for years.

Children came home from school to locked, empty houses.  They had to find neighbors to help them understand that mommy and daddy were taken away.  The images and stories are haunting.  Today the Psychopath in Chief defended the raid as a “very good deterrent” to “illegal” immigration.  So is chopping off their feet, like runaway slaves – that’s a deterrent, too.

Child torture as a deterrent.  What’s possibly wrong with that?  These parents weren’t criminals.  They weren’t rapists and drug dealers.  They weren’t MS-13 gang members.  They were working families just trying to live.

It’s hard to imagine that Trump would want these disturbing images on the telescreens so quickly after the mass shooting he inspired, but then again – he is a psychopath.  The “optics are bad” for a big raid, given that the El Paso shooter said he was “trying to kill Mexicans” and his manifesto is peppered with Trumpspeak about the Mexican “invasion.”

But here’s the thing – Trump was seriously pissed that he had to make that mealy-mouth dead-eyed speech Monday denouncing White Supremacists.  It stuck in his throat like a chicken bone.  He can’t stand it when he’s forced to say something he doesn’t believe – like sympathy for the victims.  Or anything approaching an apology or admission of a mistake.  Can’t do it.  The ONLY way he could get through it was to do something to undermine the words he was forced read from the Telepromptr.  So he decided to fuck up some more non-white kids’ lives.

There.  All better.

At the hospital visits his toxic narcissism was on full display.  A cellphone video released shows a conversation with a hospital workers, bragging about his rally crowd size.  Might as well have been penis size.“I was here three months ago, we made a speech … that place was packed, the judges are respected now,” Trump said. “That was some crowd, we had twice the number outside.” He then attacked Beto O’Rourke, who put his presidential campaign on hold to return to his home of El Paso to offer actual comfort to the shooting victims’ families. “And then you had this crazy Beto. Beto had 400 people in a parking lot.”

Donald Trump

WTF is wrong with him???  He couldn’t even pretend to care about the victims.  He was allegedly there to comfort these families, but as always he turned it into a pro-Trump carnival.  Even while standing in the very place where victims bled to death because one of his cult members followed the Trump dog whistle.

It went from the deplorable to the despicable when Trump returned to DC.  He turned his visit into a campaign ad, complete with Leni Riefenstahl-style triumphant music and cheering and clapping.

Wow – what a great day!!!!

Remember, he was there to offer comfort and solace to these stricken communities following the two mass shootings.  But he can’t.  Like the lady and the snake or frog and the scorpion, he can’t help it – just his nature. He is a psychopath devoid of normal human emotion.

He actually doesn’ t see anything wrong with fundraising off this tragedy.  Soliciting contributions with the blood of the slaughtered.   “Hey – get me that orphaned baby to pose with.  The one whose parents were killed by my NeoNazi fanboy……whaddaya mean the family took him home?  Well, get him back!”  Now, get ICE on those immigrant families and make me some fresh new orphans . . .

I guess the hospital patients should be grateful he didn’t pelt them with rolls of paper towels.