Bob Kincaid guests hosts for Mike tonight!


Horrible.  One of Trump’s favorite words.  Horrible. How he has inspired the worst in his followers.  The death toll continues to rise in El Paso, 22 now.  Then another 9 in Dayton.  McConnell squats on House bills that could end this madness.  Trump blames “mental illness” while removing Obama era restrictions on the ability of mentally ill persons to obtain a weapon.

He also blamed the fake news media for spreading lies and hate.  In other words, for accurately reporting the words that flow from his mouth.  And video games.  News flash- the killers you inspire don’t use pretend automatic weapons.  They use very real and easily obtained military assault rifles to maximize their deadly efforts.

The reason we have so many mass killings is because we have more guns than American citizens.  And we allow unrestricted access to combat weapons.  What else can you expect?  Military weapons are designed for soldiers to kill as many people as possible in the shortest amount of time.  That is their sole purpose.  Not deer hunting or target practice or skeet shooting.  The only application on the streets of America or our neighborhood school campuses is to kill people.  Lots of people, quickly.

We took Molly back to school shopping this weekend, too.  Just like the el Paso families who were slaughtered on Saturday.  Among the lunch boxes and notebooks were brightly-colored bullet-resistant backpacks.  Resistant.  Whatever that means.  This is the new normal. You can purchase actual defensive body protection for our school children because our elected officials won’t protect them.

We told Molly to drop and play dead at the first sound of gunfire.  We started this instruction after Sandy Hook, she was seven then- barely older than those first graders. We send our little children to school for a third of the day, trusting us to protect them, and we know we cannot.  Because we live in McConnell’s America, where guns are valued over the lives of kindergarteners. Black families teach their sons not to resist the police, ever.  They have lived with this fear forever, White America is just catching up.

President Obama said the Sandy Hook massacre was the worst day of his Presidency.  Trump played golf and stayed silent until Monday, staff working overtime to delete Tweets where he called immigrants animals and spoke of the invasion and infestation.

He didnt bother to address the American people publicly on the day- or even the day after- one of the worst mass killings in history, but nobody wanted him to anyway.  Really tells you everything you need to know about his fitness for office and respect for the people he claims to represent.

Today he was forced to read a scripted speech condemning hate crimes and white supremacists, but we all know he can’t resist that inner Twitter monster. His Id will force through eventually. Guaranteed our respite from the disgusting rhetoric will be brief. Like the scorpion and the frog- he can’t help it, it’s his nature.  He’s a sociopath and incapable of empathy.  And he won enough votes to kill us all, if he likes.  He has yet to face a single consequence for his many and varied crimes, he is empowered every day to sink to new lows and further degrade the office and inspire mass murderers.  Putin is delighted.

The pressure is mounting, public opinion is forcing the GOP and the Hater in Chief ito “do something” as the public chants demand. And Congressional Republicans are in the impossible position of playing CYA for Trump’s inspired hate crime, while appeasing their masters at the NRA.  Which NeoCon influence will prevail? And this time is appears the people might win. Ironically, it might be Trump’s racist hate-baiting that is responsible – at long last- for an assault weapons ban.

Almost enough to make you believe there is some Divine Being working in mysterious ways.