I don’t care if he was joking.  The Donald proclaiming himself “The Chosen One” to deal with China on the same day he tweeted this about himself:

He can’t stop himself from spewing racist shit because, well, because he’s a racist.  Why does this surprise anybody?  He bashes the Muslim Congresswomen one day and slurs Jewish people the next about their “loyalty” to Israel.  He’s an equal opportunity hater.  But you knew that waaaaaay before he came down that infamous Trump Tower escalator.

So …… the only reason he was making a state visit was to do a little Trump-style real estate wheelin’ and dealin’ ???

More likely he didn’t want to compare “crowd” sizes with Obama who will visit Denmark in September.  He knows he can’t measure up.  This is just so nucking futz there’s no place to start.  Did he plan on giving the people of Greenland a voice in the matter, or just whip out his Deuchebank Visa card and toss it at the Prime Minister of Denmark?  He called her “nasty” today because she expressed understandable alarm at the idea that this toddler wanted to buy a country.  And he wasn’t kidding around.

Seems like he’s gone extra-crispy lately on Twitter and in public.  Since we no longer have press briefings, he wanders out to the tarmac and shouts at reporters, usually while sweating like a stuck pig. This is also pointless because he contradicts himself every day – sometimes in the same day.

Background checks? We need them!  No wait, we have them! They are working!

Trade Wars are Good!  There is no Trade War!  The trade war is working!

The economy?  Stronger than ever!  The FED is ruining the economy! The media is causing a recession!  There is no recession!

We are cutting payroll taxes! Payroll taxes will remain the same! No one said we are cutting payroll taxes!

Why does the press bother to show up?  Is it just for the freak value at this point?  They can’t take him seriously.  Clearly we’ve slipped so far down the rabbit hole we’ll never see daylight again.  Not a single elected Republican leader will come out and call the crazy con man a crazy con man.  Try to imagine the reaction from anyone on Fox “News” or from Lindsay Graham or Mitch McConnell if Obama had even approached this level of complete lunacy.  They would’ve had him in Bellevue.   But Trump?  We just continue to let him wander around with the football.  Maybe he’ll nuke Denmark, who knows?!

And it’s only Wednesday