Greetings, Comrades!

Who won the Iowa Caucus last night?  Vladimir Putin, who else?  The GOP Senate isn’t interested in protecting our elections for foreign interference, they’ve blocked every bill designed to protect our democratic processes.  It’s the only way they can hope to maintain any kind of political power – by cheating.  They want Putin’s help.  If Trump doesn’t receive a second term, they’re DOA.  In fact, if Trump finally implodes in November 2020 it may signal the end of the Republican Party, proving Susan Sarandon’s 2016 prediction prophetic.

The other extreme is just as likely – foreign interference succeeds in again placing Trump in power and securing the Senate, and then it’s straight down the crazy highway, blindfolded with no brakes.  What kind of dripping Daliesque Hellscape does a Trump Second Term look like?  And it’s doubtful then that there would be a 2024 election, at least not according to our current US Constitution.  Russian-style lifetime appointments will follow, with the Senate Neocons in a personal orbit of oligarchs.

Tonight’s State of the Union Address, under an active impeachment trial in the Senate, is another aberration from the norm under this psychopathic grifter.  Join Mike LIVE at 9PM ET for a dose of bedtime screaming.  Can’t listen live, subscribe to the Malloycast and take Mike with you wherever you go, and enjoy exclusive bonus content!