It’s the Eve of Super Tuesday, Truthseekers, and the news keeps breaking.  Amy Klobuchar and Pete Buttigieg dropped out and immediately endorsed Biden, leaving Bernie the odd man out.  Gee, how’s that for timing?  More and more he’s starting to actually resemble Larry David on Curb Your Enthusiasm, right down to the whiff of underdog paranoia.  He shouldn’t use the word “plot” when discussing other Democrats, sounds too familiar.

Then there’s Joe.  Poor Joe, who was caught on camera in SC last week making a weird statement to the crowd “Hey, I’m a Democrat my name’s Joe Biden and I’m running for Senate if you like what you see vote for me, if not vote for the other Biden”.  That’s just bait for Trump – red meat.  Sleepy Joe, confused Joe, doesn’t even know what race he’s running.  Ouch.

In the year 2020 the best the Democrats can do is toss up two old white guys with serious electability issues.  Not great.  Miles and away better than the criminal alternative, but really?  Not a single woman in America more qualified and capable?