Greetings, Truthseekers, from exile.  Hope you had a peaceful holiday weekend, if or however you celebrated.  We are soon posting a special weekend bonus show for podcast subscribers- a day late due to technical issues.  Look for it tonight!

And if you are a Malloy Patreon, thank you!  Our first Patreon Podcast is posted, check it out.

Are you going a little “corona crazy” right now?  Sheltering in place with your loved ones, who are suddenly driving you out of your crawl space?

Not sure how much more stress our collective national unconscious can withstand before we hit THAT peak and scary shit starts happening.  Maybe is the barameteic pressure and the freaky weather, but we’re all a bit under the weather here in exile.  Not viral (still think we had it in January…c’mon antibody test!)

To flatten the curve – so to speak- we are bringing you a refreshed “Malloy Comedy Classic.  Pop that pressure valve for an hour (or an hour and 20 minute podcast 😉

And we have a very creative sponsor tonight, KC in Colorado Springs, who offers a “Malloy Coronavirus Haiku Sponsorship Challenge”  If you sponsor a Malloy show with a haiku, KC will match your sponsorship dollar for dollar.  Double your support- thank you KC!  And we love your haiku:

Social Distancing

Wash, Wait, Watch, Weep, Walk, Wave, Weed

And Sponsor Malloy

Thank you KC, and all you Truthseekers who help us keep it lit.  We are here as long are you’re listening.

Take care of yourselves and each other.

Keep it Lit