Videocast 04-23-2014

Even Stevens

Retired Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens is now 94 and has recently published a book suggesting six amendments to the US Constitution.  The book, Six Amendments: How and Why We Should Change the Constitution, details what Stevens considers the most egregious legal/political issues that have been ignored, or wrongly-decided in his opinion.  USA TodayContinue Reading


Robert Parry has been covering the Ukraine coup – in depth – for several months.  Now that the crisis is escalating he has a new article posted at that demands your attention. In summary, the US media continues to peddle anti-Russian propaganda pieces while largely ignoring the fact that a Neo-Nazi organization has takenContinue Reading

Political Hoo-has

Same topic tonight, Truthseekers!  The Adelson auction block, with added details about how Citizens United made this kind of political prostitution possible. And Malloy:Uncensored Episode Two has posted!!!  It’s available exclusively to our Kickstarter backers and videocast subscribers.  Mike reads his hate mail, Molly’s cartwheels in the park, duck feeding, Tibetan bell ringing, and more!Continue Reading


Finally Friday, Truthseekers! Join Mike LIVE at 9PM ET for our weekly news round up!  We’ll start with Paul Ryan, who’s racism is finally catching up with him, as HuffPo reports:  A town hall in southeast Wisconsin turned testy for Republican Rep. Paul Ryan on Wednesday when constituents confronted the House Budget Committee chairman overContinue Reading


It’s church night, Truthseekers! Mike has a lovely little story about psychotropic plants, miracles, and the Bible.  Might explain a lot of the mythology and imagery that has confounded scholars over the centuries. And we are also all over the fight for justice and equality in Arizona over the issue of legalized bigotry against homosexuals. Continue Reading

Live Tonight!

Mike is back in the saddle tonight!  Listen live at 9 PM ET!

Norge On

We’re rooting for Norway in the forthcoming Olympics, assuming no terrorist attack closes the games.  Two Norwegian lawmakers have nominated Edward Snowden for the Nobel Peace Prize because his NSA revelations “contributed to a more stable and peaceful world order.” Wow.  Wouldn’t it be something if Snowden and Obama won, just a few years apart?Continue Reading

Koch Brings Good Things to Life!

The brothers Koch are at it again. On the eve of the State of the Union address, we learn that the billionaire, uber-conservative Koch brothers are delving even deeper into our supposedly “independent” political landscape in 2014.  Yes, Chuck and Davie are betting the family farm industrial complex on the crop of GOP candidates thatContinue Reading

Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!

How much news can we cover in three hours, Truthseekers?  And where to begin? Shall we begin with the latest senseless gun violence, this time at Purdue University? One person was shot to death on the campus of Indiana’s Purdue University on Tuesday, and a male suspect was in custody, Reuters reports.The shooting took placeContinue Reading