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5 Responses to Videocast 07-17-2014

  1. The only two people that brought up the fact (on air) that the US Navy shot down an commercial airliner and killed 290 innocent people were Rachel Maddow and Mike Malloy. No one else had the backbone to do it! I wasn’t surprised in the least bit.

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The Long, Hot Summer

Regardless of the claims made by Neocon Luddites, global climate change is a very real thing. The good news is there are specific measures that can be taken to reduce the rate of climate disruption, if not reverse, the current and future damage from decades of barely-regulated fossil fuel consumption, among other toxins. But theContinue Reading

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  1. “Ronald Lee Haskell’s second amendment rights are more important that his family’s right to live!” Wayne LaPierre. Ronnie will make plenty of friends in prison when they find out that he murdered 4 little kids. The other prisoners will be more than happy to show him how much they hate child killers. The Aryan Brotherhood isn’t going to protect him either. They might kill him before anybody else gets the chance.

  2. Wow, I had an advanced math class in high school w/Brad Snell (Who Killed the Electric Car). I was wildly jealous as he had total recall (not, which I’ve learned, an entirely a good thing — who wants to remember the bad stuff, eh?)

    But it just goes to show, our inner self, our youngSTAR knowledge is NOT to be discarded carelessly.

    Peeps, try something small — a few seeds or one tomato plant. When the bad times arrive, you’ll have a head start. And SAVE ALL YOUR SEEDS!

  3. In Kathy’s blog above, the New York Times says: ” . . . by midcentury 60% of our electrical power will come from nuclear sources.” This to me is an arrogant & most dangerous prospect. They are in denial about what has already transpired at sights connected to nuclear power plants around the world. And they still don’t know what to do with the radioactive waste. Here in Ohio, I am sandwiched between to nuke plants.

    It suggests to me that the NY Times is just a gatekeeper for the status quo. Anyone who even implies that these things are safe has got to have a hidden agenda.

  4. Imagine, if you can, the vast amount of American emissions
    that would be cut if the right wingers and religious crazies
    would just ‘Shut the Fuck Up’, even for a day.

    Dot, respectfully, while I never have given a thought as to
    what you eat, I must admit to picturing the scene that would
    follow should you ever get clocked by an airborne fish flying
    through the air at Pikes Fish Market. I can see you hitting
    the floor yelling, “FISH! FISH! MOTHERFUCKING FISH!!!!

  5. Denny, You’re right. I would yell “MOTHERFUCKING FISH!” then I would get off of the floor and scream “WHO THE FUCK HIT ME WITH THAT GODDAMN FISH?!” When I do go to Pike Place Market, I avoid the Pike Place Fish Market. There’s always a shitload of tourists hanging around watching fish being thrown all over the goddamn place. I know that if I did get smacked by a fish, somebody’s ass would get kicked across the parking lot. I do love the market though. Lots of goodies and cool stuff to buy. You could spend the whole day taste testing the different yummies that are available. :D Good way to spend the day. :D

  6. We are QUICKLY running out of time, and water!

    From an article by James Nash:

    Lake Mead, the man-made reservoir that supplies 90 percent of the water for 2 million people in the Las Vegas area, has been reduced by drought to the lowest level since it was filled in 1937, according to the federal government.

    The lake, now at 39 percent of capacity, has been dropping since 2012, according to U.S. Bureau of Reclamation data, as much of the western U.S. has suffered the most serious drought in decades. The shortfall is endangering water supplies to the residents and 43 million annual visitors to the driest metropolitan area in the country.

  7. More drought news:

    SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) – Regulators in drought-stricken California are proposing stringent new conservation measures to limit outdoor water use, including fines of up to $500 a day for using a hose without a shut-off nozzle.

    The most populous U.S. state is suffering its third year of drought and in January Governor Jerry Brown declared a drought emergency, allowing the state to request federal aid.

  8. Being from Los Angeles, I have now decided to cut back 75 percent on my lawn watering, and I am looking in to probably getting my lawns (what is remaining of them) with a combination of gravel-scape and synthetic lawns. That way I will not use ANY water for my lawns, as well as cut down my maintenance of the yards to almost zero.

    I’m telling you all, this drought situation is getting ultimately serious out here in the West!

    Take notes, everybody….this is about adapting…in order just to survive!

  9. Person,
    If you want to go “Synthetic” try filling your
    former grasslands with political campaign signs.

  10. Good wakeup column, Kathy–wish every Amurrican was forced to read it. But half of them probably wouldn’t even let its message get past the optical nerve connecting the eyeball to the brain

  11. Catching up on last night’s podcast with my morning coffee. Just chiming in to say I completely agree about the democratic party, which sold out its liberal base long ago.

    And I have no illusions about Hillary. She is a neocon and a corporatist (strong ties to Monsanto, just for starters). Unfortunately she has also been “anointed” for 2016. I’ve seen some of her supporters get very defensive out on the Internets and claim that people hold her to a higher standard because she’s a woman. While that may be true for some, and while I’m quite sure we’re going to be forced to endure the most hateful sexist rhetoric from the right wing during the elections, I don’t hold Hillary to a higher standard because of her gender. I hold her to a higher standard because she puts a “D” after her name.

    Anyway it doesn’t matter because the national elections are a beauty pageant these days, offering Americans nothing but the illusion of choice.

    I sincerely agree with Mike about focusing on local elections. The system is rotting from the top, but maybe there’s still hope for local governance. It’s not much, but it seems to be all we have at the moment.

  12. Also, dovetailing off last night’s discussion about the de-funding of public schools… charter schools are a total scam — a grift — funneling public funds into private coffers. The money is not used for the benefit of the kids or the local community, it gets vacuumed upward to administrators, who answer to no one, because charters are mostly unregulated (which illustrates the problem with all privatization).

    And very often, these administrators have criminal backgrounds (a feature, not a bug).

    The following article in the Hartford Courant illustrates the rampant corruption in the charter system:

    Hustlers Cash in on Charter School Craze

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5 Responses to Videocast 07-08-2014

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4 Responses to The BBC vs. FOX, NBC, ABC, et al

  1. Gee- how could I tell that Mike wrote this piece…

    By the time I read down to the part where the BBC was urging
    their science reporters to seminars conducted by SCIENTISTS,
    the voice in my head was screaming, So should our members of

  2. The British have so much more common sense than we do! I want to move to England! Who wants to go with me? :D

  3. One thing I love about the “Fair and Balanced” faux theme meme is that it sounds so much like “Fare: Unbalanced” which is actually the truth! And unless I’m misremembering, I first saw/heard that sort of fake counterargument on that self-important overly loquacious William F. Buckley show on PBS, decades ago. I despised his weasley tactics, using relatively obscure words in complex sentences to silence the opposition.

    You can imagine how I despaired over the years, until I finally heard you, Mike. I thought I was surely an alien as the media deteriorated to, well, plain ol’ shit, but not even shit worthy of garden fertilizer. While I may actually BE an alien, at least I’ve found a kindred soul whose wisdom (and rage) resonates with my mindset.

    TYVM! xoxo

  4. I could be wrong, and someone from the UK would have to verify this, but it seems like there’s still a concept of shame over there. (Also in Canada and probably Australia, as well – it’s the impression I get anyway.)

    Whatever else is going on (and I know people in the UK are experiencing a lot of the same awful economic policies as we are here)… at least public officials (pundits, etc.) can still be shamed and embarrassed.

    Here, shameful behavior and speech have become a badge of honor. I.e., frothing-at-the-mouth religious bigots are proud of their anti-science views, and the carnival barkers and assclowns in the media, and many politicians, are more than happy to accommodate them and egg them on.

    So I completely agree, I can’t imagine our networks implementing a policy like the BBC’s. Our networks are all about bread and circuses and profits these days, not truth. Not science. And certainly not high standards.

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Plunder.  In our post-Constitutional America, it is everywhere. According to the dictionary, plunder can be a noun or a verb: verb: to steal goods from (a place or person), typically using force and in a time of war or civil disorder noun: the violent and dishonest acquisition of property. In either case, it is aContinue Reading

3 Responses to Plunderstorms

  1. And the plunder in Detroit continues.

    I read some articles at the site and am deeply sad and angry. Kevyn Orr is the emergency financial manager (EMF) there. Like all EMFs, appointed (NOT elected) Orr takes the place of an ELECTED official, thus locally overthrowing our [alleged] form of government. He’s not there by the will of the people, but by the will of a fascist governor. Moreover, EMFs so far are expensive, hire expensive consultants, know little to nothing of the local situation, and are there to fulfill the treasonous Koch/coporate agenda: privatize everything in sight, even if (maybe Particularly if) it kills citizens.

    I’m furious that corporations that CAN pay but haven’t paid their water bills still have service, whereas PEOPLE who CAN’T pay are being sentenced to death via lack of potable water and water for sanitation.

    Which brings to mind the Warka water tower. So far, they’ve been installed in various Ethiopian villages. Why not every other block or so in the US? They cost a HELL of a lot less than a filthy murderous bomber or a subsidy to a filthy murderous corporation. They’re pretty, too.

  2. Upon reading the word “Plunder” in Kathy’s post,immediately
    I thought Detriot. Capt. Mary, too, nailed it. As to why we
    do not install the Warka water towers to prevent people from
    dehydrating to their deaths, as a nation, could it be that
    we are not as civilized as the Ethiopians?

  3. I’ve been reading about Detroit today, too, and think it’s unconscionable that they have to seek help from the U.N. because their leaders in Michigan are perpetrating this on them, and no one in D.C. is listening.

    On an unrelated note, I’ve also been reading about the huge austerity march in London this past weekend. I didn’t hear about it at the time; just stumbled on it via some UK writers I follow online.

    They share many of our woes, but they also seem more willing to mobilize and speak up about it. I don’t know what it’s going to take over here.

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Private Parts

The Supreme Court has one week remaining to decide several major cases, and – as usual – the mainstream media is largely ignoring the long-lasting implications these decisions will have.  At stake are freedom of speech, religion, abortion rights, cellphone privacy, broadcast television rights, and more. One case in particular has drawn our attention, SebeliusContinue Reading

2 Responses to Private Parts

  1. If the Supreme Court rules against Hobby Lobby, I will be greatly surprised. I really expect them to give those bastards the green light to fuck with their employees on the basis of religion. “Corporations are people my friends!” What fucking bullshit.

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25 Responses to Hittin’ the Highlights

  1. Wow! Gotta make a big bowl of popcorn for the Chris Christie and Scott Walker-Karl Rove Show. And I am hoping for live coverage of this slobbering big mouth Christie in the docket.

  2. A quick excerpt from an article about the continuing drought here in the Southwest:

    The bathtub ring can be seen for miles. The 120-foot-high band of rock, bleached nearly white by mineral-rich water, circles the shoreline of Lake Mead. Water levels have dropped by almost 100 feet in the past decade, and the ring has emerged as a stark reminder of the drought enveloping the American Southwest. It also represents a looming crisis for the largest drinking-water reservoir in the U.S., one that has prompted the most ambitious water-construction project in recent history.

  3. So Mike –

    When you say, “I don’t think Obama is evil,” are you saying he did not know the Syria WMD false flag was a lie to get his approval for more oil and gas wars, in the same way Bush knew the Syria false flag was a lie?

    watch RT video and two other sources

  4. NOWHERE in the second amendment does it say that americans have the right to take loaded semi-automatic weapons into a place of business! What the FUCK is the matter with these assholes?! Amendment II

    “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” That is EXACTLY what the second amendment says! Where does it say “Yeah, it’s ok for stupid, insecure, lameass, anal retentive americans to carry loaded weapons into a store and scare the living shit out of other americans? Where does it say that?! IT DOESN’T! You cowardly, pasty faced, baggy assed motherfuckers who couldn’t out think a unopened container of Pringles love to march around with AR-15s slung over your shoulders like you think you’re a bunch of bad ass motherfuckers! If you think you’re so bad ass join the military and go fight ISIL in Iraq! None of you will because you’re too chickenshit to do it! You don’t want to shoot at anyone that will shoot back at you! I’d love to scoop up all of you son of bitches and drop you right in the middle of that meat grinder and say “Go for it! You think you’re so bad? Prove it! Go ahead and shoot at someone!” If I EVER see ANY of you turd sucking, gun toting fuckwads in a store that me or my friends or family are in, I fucking GUARANTEE you that I WILL call 911 and tell them that are people with guns shooting! Let’s see how well you do against the police or a SWAT team!

  5. As the sky suddenly darkened, I looked up to see a massive
    blimp-like object in the sky. But, on closer examination, I
    could plainly see it was Jim Wright’s over-inflated ego.

    Here’s a guy so stuck on his own self- righteousness that he
    is unable to tell the good guys from the bad. As proof, look
    at the company he sold himself to… That’s right, Wright, the
    US Military Complex. You expected roses? It was YOUR choice to
    join, unlike being drafted, as I was. You were lied to? Used?
    Again, what did you expect? Stop blaming others for YOUR choices.

    YOU decided to to post that blog that got so much attention, so
    when it was passed around you should have been grateful. But no,
    you got all pissy. Stop blaming others for YOUR choices. Twenty
    years in the military, climbing the chain of command ladder got
    that you that experience, so shut up. It was YOUR choice. Time
    for you to have a long chat with yourself and some professionals
    that may be able to help. I sincerely hope you will. But, that too,
    is Your CHOICE.

  6. Dittos, Dot & Denny. Once again, the wisdom of the saying (which I e-mailed to ole’ Jimbo): “Sometimes, ya’ just gotta burn a few bridges, just to keep the crazies from followin’ ya.”
    What a freakin’ goofball!

  7. Best to get done what you want while the light is upon you.
    We have, once again, began our six-month slide back into
    the abyss of darkness from which some never come back. Did
    you feel the tilt-back start? Are seasons God’s Intellectual
    Properties? Life is for living, but we surely do screw it up!

    Happy Summer Solstice, Everyone !!!

  8. Happy Summer Solstice! I wrote on this forum several days ago that I belong to a sort of women’s “shaman” group here in California. Let’s call it a wisdom group. Anyway, I did it in response to a post from Kath which I liked and which gave perspective on life. I asked for no tomatoes thrown at me because usually linking California with women’s shaman group would bring many opportunities for humor.

    Now I see why someone said, “Who knows it could be someone’s intellectual property”. Wow, this is really sickening about this sicko! Ugh and ick! I know you were just kidding re my intellectual property rights, and thanks for being cool, as any truth seeker would be, about women who would just like to spread some peace on the planet…from California…

  9. D thank you for that correction. I had one too many thats
    in my post. You, apparently are easily amused by a typo.
    I wrote a piece requiring a bit of thought and a little
    reading. You offered no thought except to mock me. That’s
    OK, but next time, do not feel obligated to send along a
    selfie video. And here is a spelling correction for you.
    That’s “fucking iDiot!”

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Gulf War III ???

President Obama is caught between a rock and a hard place, no pun intended.  He’s catching hell from the right for withdrawing troops from Iraq when a status of forces agreement could not be reached with neo-dictator Maliki.  And he’s sure to catch even more fire from the left if he sends troops in nowContinue Reading

4 Responses to Gulf War III ???

  1. Thomas Rockford · Top Commenter · Brown University

    Raising the minimum wage didn’t reduce poverty the first 36 times it was raised, it doesn’t work and it only encourages mediocrity. I don’t know how places like Seattle think its gonna work. I also don’t know what the IMF is smoking!

  2. Why are the politicians so blind and stupid that they can’t figure out that the U.S. needs/should/must stay out of the bloody cesspool of violence in Iraq. They don’t even know who they should bomb! If you don’t know, THEN DON”T FUCKING DO IT!!!! It’s so goddamn simple to understand but you damn well that those stupid motherfuckers are going to drag us right back into that nightmare. You KNOW it’s coming. The media and the blood thirsty NeoCons are screaming “We need to get back in there and help Maliki! If we don’t, there will another 911!” If I had to the power to do it, I would tell Maliki “You wanted us out! We’re out! You’re on your own asshat! Quit crying like the little bitch that you are! Deal with the goddamn problem! Grow a pair!” We’re gonna get involved with another fucking gulf war. You can feel it. :( The light in the tunnel is a huge, blood soaked train covered with razor wire and decomposing, grinning corpses that is speeding towards us. And that train is going to grind our troops into a gory, shredded mess. I hope that if our stupid ass politicians try to send our troops back to Iraq, that the troops say with one, loud, unified voice “Hell no! We’re not going back! FUCK YOU!” I want them to rebel to save themselves from another (who knows how many years) of hell, death and misery.

  3. Well, we will all be safe in our bullet proof blankets. What a world and to think our government, in our names, is responsible for all of the misery in the world. We don’t save those we can and just step into one explosive pile of shit after another.

  4. OK, let’s practice the mantra once again: President Not Sure is not a leader. He takes his orders from his handlers: the industrial, military, corporate complex. He’s an empty suit & an expert deliverer of eloquent speeches, which is why the barons in the balcony put him there. Did we really think a Mccain/Palin ticket was serious contender?

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10 Responses to Mission Accomplished?

  1. I propose that all truthseekers support a march on Washington to demand that Dimson Bush, Dick (I hope they can get his crypt open) Cheney, Donald (you’ll find the WMD’s east, north, south & west)Rumsfeld, and all the rest of their criminal buddies, be outfitted in full battle regalia to meet the advancing ISIS jihadists in Iraq. They are the ones responsible for the debacle,and should finally be held accountable for their actions. Then again, this is probably the same bunch that’s providing these fighters with their guns and ammo. War is a racket.

    You guys with me, huh!

  2. Nice thought, Greg, about arming the hawks, but this would
    happen: W soils himself, Cheney, growling, shoots Bush and
    Rumsfeld says, “That’s the best he could do with the weapon
    he had.” Terrorists win! (We do Too!)

    Where you been? I thought we had lost you.

  3. Thanks Denny, funny comment. I’m alive & well, still listening to Mike & reading Kathy’s blog. Just nothing new to say about this ‘armed madhouse’ we are all sharing. Trying to use the Ohio Springtime for healthier endeavours, that’s all. Good to hear from ya’!

  4. @DennyNNWofLA

    Glad you liked my post of the George Will column from 2 years ago about improvements in quality of life for people with intellectual disabilities formerly known as mental retardation.

    People have trouble adapting their views to new information out of fear of a ‘personal existential crisis’ that ‘if one thing I thought I knew was wrong then what else do I think I know is wrong.’ Most people refuse to examine their views and ‘set personal boundaries’ not to talk about ‘certain subjects’ like ‘religion or politics’ to protect themselves.

    Here’s another of George Will’s columns from 2000 where he divides maintaining school discipline and teaching students to act with good morals that could improve school discipline from more federal funding (the IDEA Act) for schools specifically for education for students with disabilities like George Will’s son. He creates the divide to support W Bush 2000 campaign. The IDEA Act promised a 40% federal cost share to special education programs but as of 2002, has never been higher than about 15-20%. The objections to ACA medicaid expansion by Rethuglican governors that has a net 10% increase in state medicaid costs after 3 years is probably rooted in the old state Rethuglican whine of ‘unfunded federal mandates’ on state spending if any federal assistance is taken. Tax cuts for the rich and corporations and military spending on anything but the VA budget divert the spending. IDEA funding probably helped George Will’s son unless he went to a private school.

  5. Hey! I know boys and girls! Let’s go back into Iraq! Let’s have MORE american men and women get killed or injured! Let’s get MORE Iraqi civilians slaughtered! What a great idea! NOT! We need to stay the fuck out of Iraq! The Shias and Sunnis hate each other and have been fighting each other for centuries! Why the fuck does the republicans/teabaggers want to get back into that cesspool?! When all of those motherfuckers sign up, put on a military uniform, pick up a gun and get their chickenshit asses over there, THEN the rest of the military will follow! But you know THAT will never happen. :(

  6. perpetual war for perpetual profit.
    these “militants” are armed with US weaponry.
    divide and conquer. stay in the middle east.
    a simple bloody plan.

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The Brat Pack

Friday 06/13/14 – It’s an “Encore” Malloy Show tonight, Truthseeker!  Celebrate this spooky night without us, Truthseeking Triskaidekaphobics!  Malloy returns LIVE Monday the 16th for true tales of horror from the far-flung-fringes of the flying monkey right! ——————————————————————————————————————————— Teabagger David Brat’s stunning defeat of Eric Cantor in Virginia should put us all on notice –Continue Reading

30 Responses to The Brat Pack

  1. What the FUCK is the matter with people?! Have humans lost all of their humanity and sense of decency?! You don’t fucking drive your goddamn car with a injured/dying person on the fucking hood! If that fucking bitch had done that to a member of my family or a friend, I would have beaten her with a baseball bat and then let rats eat her alive. I would have ripped her apart with a winch…..very slowly.

  2. Bergdahl family receiving death threats. From 9/11, to the present too many Americans show their cruelty and ignorance, wearing it like a badge of honor. The bigots have no claim to honor the Bergdahl family deserve nothing less than our respect and protection.
    Parents, the good ones, love their children unconditionally. Bowe has not yet touched down on the land of his birth, after 5 years of imprisonment and beatings by the Taliban.
    How much sadness would these fools wring from this innocent community? Pass it on. Thank you.

  3. Mike’s comment (06/11/14) regarding the solution to the religious conflict among Arabs, Christians and Jews occurring just before 18-minutes into the podcast is one of the most eloquently worded diatribes I have ever heard on the subject. To even suggest an atheist should mitigate such a discussion is pure brilliance. Yet it defers to the very essence of our Constitution, religious freedom. Mike warns of the possible takeover of theocracy. Isn’t it about time that the atheist or the agnostic get their say? I’m certainly gotten sick of all the questions asked about “faith” during presidential debates. Also listen to what Mike says about faith. Mike is a national treasure.

  4. Friday, 6/13/14 Wed. the 11th finally posted.

    Congratulations, Reich Wingers and Fellow Travelers the 70% who had blood in their mouths for killing brown people w/oil! You know who you are, you god damn mother fucking, stupid, ass holes w/out empathy. I wish I could drop kick Bush, Cheney, Clintons and everyone signing the PNAC letter, all the craven pols, into the middle of Baghdad! How does it feel to be responsible for over a million grisly deaths of innocent men, women and children? Is your fucked up god happy? Can’t imagine why so many all over the world hate our guts! Thx, Asswipes! SHOCK & AWE, BABY! SHOCK & AWE!

  5. June 12 podcast is video only and posted here for streaming if one’s ISP doesn’t block the data transfer or slow the download to memory storage media one controls allowing offline viewing. or or to demand that the FCC reclassify broadband ISPs as common carriers under Title 2 of the 1934 Communications Act. Dump FCC Chair Tom Wheeler’s optional paid ‘fast lanes’ proposal. No content provider will pay for faster data transfer unless they see value in it to avoid blocking or slow lanes. ISPs should invest in continuous capacity improvements like hardware memory capacity and cloud storage capacity and CPU processing speeds.

    Buy some of the $100/yr video podcast subscriptions or $60/yr audio podcast subscriptions so Mike can support himself and Kathy and Molly. I have subscribed through Mike’s last 3 podcast vendors AAR, Nova M and Malloy Radio Productions LLC since Aug 2006.

  6. “I guess what I’ll do if I’m ever in that situation and I see one of these half-witted yahoos walking in with a weapon, high-caliber rifle like that, I’ll just put on a berserk act. I will just start screaming Gun! Gun! Gun! Watch out, everybody hit the deck! Guns! Guns! Everybody!”

    Hmm. Scream like a girl and try to start a riot. Sounds about right.

  7. Dot…..It’s not that they are interested in them. They just don’t know what to do with one, even if there was one stuffed right in their faces. Now if they were making 10 year old Dominican boys, El Rushbo would know what to do with THAT!!!!!!

  8. Chucky…..Rush IS a sleazy, creepy, sewer dwelling, hate filled bag of bile. I’m still hoping that he screws up and world finds out just what a slithering bag of fecal matter he really is. Gary Glitter had child porn on his computer and the stupid bastard didn’t bothering deleting it before taking the computer to get fixed. That’s when the world discovered just what a piece of shit Gary was. He ran from country to country before finally settling in Vietnam. They got tired of his sleazy shit and tossed him out too. FINALLY charges are going to brought against him. I’m really, really, really hoping that the arrogant diaper stain known as Rush Limbaugh makes the same mistake. I would LOVE it if that shitbag gets caught with child porn. I want to see how fast the republicans run from him. I want him to spend the rest of his life in prison, looking over his shoulder worrying that a fellow prisoner is ready to stab him to death or cut his throat. I know that the teabaggers will blame Obama or say that the liberals faked the evidence and I will be more than happen to yell from the rooftops that the “leader” of the GOP is a pedophile. :D

  9. I was brought up with the Warren Court. I thought there would always be a Warren Court. I thought the Supremes were heroes!

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